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See this company is still utter scum

came back to now tv after several years away only a few month ago not only has the price quadrupled since i first joined you have now once cut cut a vast range of content from the service probably one the the most popular channels discovery 

how about removing that steaming dog dropping that is sky arts?



to make it worse you removed the channel from peoples package without even informing us of the fact that one of the main  channels was being removed along with all associated content way to TOTALY screw over your subscribers

time to cancel once again no doubt


and then you wonder why people turn to pirate bay and other knock off platforms when you do stunts like this

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@Anonymous User 



Hey Chris


First, I am just a customer like you, so don't go shooting the messenger.


Next, you've unloaded your wrath in the wrong place, this is a customer led forum and NOW, formerly known as Now TV, have been taken over by the Americans (OK, an American TV company) and so have a new company policy, new outlook and are making this company into something more like the companies they run in the US.


And finally, they will probably never see your "wrathful post" simply because the NOW team only pop into this forum on very rare occasions. If you really want them to see how angry you are then I suggest you copy and paste your note to the following:

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

 Yeah, the world doesn't stand still.



UK Bob

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User The removal of both Fox and Discovery hasn’t exactly been a secret. When Disney+ launched, Disney announced that those channels and their content would be moving “in house”. The date when those channels would close (30 June) was eventually made public. So not only did they vanish from Now, but also from Sky, BT and Virgin.

So if you want to be angry at anyone, blame the Mouse House.

Anonymous User
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cant habe been made very public i had no  idea and about it and crucially nowtv never informed there subscribers directly ill make sure to spread the word of this firms terrible buisness practices wherever i can

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Was flagged in daily papers, eg Daily Express.

Similarly existing customers weren't told that their streaming would now be infected by 3 or 4 third party ads through each  prog😱

Additionally also the SKY NOW ads of course, which were acceptable.