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Scam Email

I received a Scam email asking for payment of an overdue bill. The details of the amount overdue were correct so I assumed it was kosher. I rang the number, and went directly through to someone in a call centre who proceeded to ask for a number of personal details for security reasons and then to create a password for a system set-up for faster payments. That's when I hung up.

Luckily I hadn't provided any financial information, but I gave my address and telephone number, which is enough for them to put me on some dark-web database or somesuch other nefarious doings.


The email address related to the scam: [email removed] 

and the telephone number: 03303 323 032


Looked up the number on and it's certainly bogus.


"claims to be ringing about an electricity overcharging issue...(obvious scam)."

"Scam. Money taken from my Visa Debit Card. Supposed to have received samples of free CBD oil."

"Guy claiming to be investigating financial matters, fiving bad advice related to SIPP."


Question is, how did they know the private billing data and account details?? Vulnerable elderly folk are easy prey for despicable crooks, criminals and scammers such as this! Please sort it out NOWtv.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I am assuming it was relating to a NOW Broadband overdue bill ?


NOW do send out emails to customers about overdue payment on people's Broadband account.


I have never had one of these emails myself to double check the NOW telephone number to call them back on.


NOW will never ask for your Bank account details and for security reasons will ask the account holder the last four digits only on the bank card connected to their account.


If it was me and the telephone number is a bogus scam number would to report it to the NOW Broadband Team using one of the communication methods in this link page below. 



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Hi @Anonymous User 


If you type the telephone number that you quoted in the Community Search box it comes up with a couple of hit results that people have used to phone the NOW Broadband Dept for paying an overdue bill.


Here's one example from the NOW Community search. 


So it might be legit and looks similar to a few telephone numbers that NOW use.


Anyway best to call the NOW Broadband Team on my previous link to see if the email and telephone number is legit or a bogus scam.