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Robbed by now tv

On the 27th of march NOW tv emailed me informing me about a deal. Which was £1 for 2 months for the entertainment. They took my £1 from me but wouldnt let me use it. Then today they've taken £5 from me!! And I still can't watch anything on now it doesn't make sense they've basically robbed £6 from me I know it's not alot but my point is they still won't let me use anything but will happily take my money from me!! @robbery @nowtv

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

What device are you using? 

Are you definitely logged in using the same login details where you took up the offer?


The £5 sounds like boost. Did the offer provide a free trial of boost perhaps?


Go onto live chat by clicking “chat online”. Don’t click “get help quicker” as this is a bot.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help