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Ripped off

I lost around £500 because passes were autorenewed on a NOWTV account that I didn't know was live or even aware off.

Problem compounded because it was linked to a freeserve email and freeserve shut down.
I never requested or used their services and they took around £50 per month from my bank account.
From the little information I can get they believe it was started by a1 month prepaid voucher used by my son which somehow morphed into paying for every pass available from NOWTV and autorenewed each pass indefinitely.
I feel prepaid vouchers should not be allowed to autorenew as this goes against the reason and spirit of pre paid vouchers in the first place.

Not happy and I am looking for any way to pursue them for my money.

This kind of behaviour is dishonest and should not be legal IMO.

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Re: Ripped off



Welcome to the forum. First off make sure you've cancelled any passes you don't want as they will roll over each month until cancelled. 


You can cancel your pass by going to your My Account > My Passes page

You should see a list of any active passes you have on your account, with a cancel button next to them. Just click cancel and follow the steps all the way to the end.You should receive an email confirmation but you might want to take a screenshot of the cancelled pass as well.

If you have more than one type of pass you need to cancel each separately.

As for a refund, if you haven't already your first step should be to try talking to live chat, explaining the situation and seeing if they can do anything for you. To get there go to the following help page


I would also recommend enabling your Payment PIN in your account, this will prevent accidental or unauthorised payments in the future. If you have a NOW TV Box it's easy for people to accidentally purchase a pass. To turn your Payment PIN on, go to your My Account > Payment PIN page