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Remove my bank details

Dear Now TV,


Can you please remove my bank details or delete my Now TV account as soon as possible without any delays.


Thank you.

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I would like the same please. I have received an email at 17:25 today to say that I have purchased a Sky Cinema Month Pass for £11.99. I did not make this purchase and do not authorise the payment.


There is no option to report this transaction on the billing and payment page, there is no option to say I did not purchase this pass on the passes page, and there is no option to remove my bank details/card details from the website.


All of these things are very important. Please remove my bank details immediately, and refund the £11.99.

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This is a community page used by other users. Now TV staff do occasionally call in but no one in a position to access your accounts or give refunds. You need to email


customerservices 'at' (we can't put email addresses here so obviously replace 'at' and the spaces with '@').


Alternatively submit a complaint


I agree with the triple lock approach -  in addition to the forum post, users should also email the customer service department and use the complaint link as kindly posted above by the user named "Saint1976".






You should also set a Payment PIN under My Account/Settings & PINs, as it looks like someone with your account details, possibly on a stick with them in, has bought this pass; and setting this PIN will mean that only people who know the PIN can buy passes in future.

Please do not say ‘you’ in your posting and imagine you are talking to any employees of Now. Generally, we are all customers like yourself, who can’t help with billing or other queries that only Now can answer 😞