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R: Think of join ur now tv broadband and calls

Hi all R: Think of join ur now tv broadband and calls.


can i ask i have now tv internment pass which is discounted with talktalk side.


can i still get a discounted pass with u on ur b&c side for it


will i be able to transfer my current talktalk landline number 


when is the current offer ending i see on ur site


are there any better offers around that other people know of?




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Hi @Anonymous User 


Can't answer the TalkTalk discounted Entertainment pass (assuming it's a NowTV Entertainment Pass through TalkTalk and not a TalkTalk Entertainment Boost Pass because i haven't seen the T&C's related to their discounted offer).


Maybe read the TalkTalk T&C's with this offer or contact TalkTalk Help or perhaps jump over to the Talk Talk Community Forum and ask the question.


I am with NowTV Broadband and i get exclusive NowTV offers now & again on my account, where the offers vary in prices.


I transferred both my Father & Sister from TalkTalk to NowTV Broadband and had no problems porting their existing telephone landline number over to NowTV (though i have seen people on the NowTV Forum complain that their telephone number was not transferred and they was allocated a new telephone number).


Can't answer when the NowTV current Broadband offer on their website is ending (unless there is some information on the T&C's below the website offer given a date when the deal ends) because i am a customer like you and don't work for NowTV.


Because i am pretty satisfied (at the moment) with NowTV Broadband i haven't looked around elsewhere, maybe do some research on the internet for current ISP's prices unless another forum member knows of some cracking deals out there.


Might be a good idea to drop NowTV an email (using the screen shot below) with regards to your questions minus the last question which they will obviously not help you on.






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@schnapps thanks. Talktalk tv has gone down hill. Now tv via Talktalk own setup with them.


Can I ask which broadband u have with nowtv and is it what they said when signed up?


Is there a broadband email address for support or sales as I know some might be for the tv side.


As the current nowtv broadband and calls included is cheaper than Talktalk tv broadband and any time calls.


Think there might be more people moving as regular prices rises higher than before expected.



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Hi @Anonymous User 


The email address on the screen shot i posted will get you through to NowTV support who will pass onto the relevant Dept ie Broadband or TV Passes.


You could give them a call using this telephone number on the link page below (don't worry if the link says "complaints" it will get you through to the NowTV Broadband Team) . 


I am on NowTV Fab Fibre and Anytime Calls and been with NowTV Broadband for 3 years.


Because the BT street cabinet is only about 50m away from my house i get around 36 to 38Mbps down and 9.9Mbps Up speeds.


Don't know how good the Talk Talk Router works, but some people on the NowTV Forum complain about only two Ethernet ports on the Router and internet speeds or wifi drop outs or wifi coverage on the NowTV Hub 2 Router.


No problem using the NowTV Hub 2 Router for me in my Home environment coming from BT.