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I have been working from home since march i supply the NHS and private sector with mental health support workers and nurses, i have now been cut off because now tv claim i haven’t paid and card details haven’t been updated, i updated my card details in feb then several times after this with them as it has not changed. i had to upgrade my wifi (said would take couple days took a week) i contacted bank who informed me it’s been paid and on my online account says paid 6th july. every month i have this problem and as i have a very demanding job (especially during covid as mental health problems have risen and demand is high believe me i know on personal level as recently lost my brother because of mental health ) i feel like i’m paying my bill twice a month! i cannot do my job today as have to get in contact yet again so my bosses are going to be on my case again. i want to know why after nearly 2 years of being a customer this keeps happening it is becoming very very stressful