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Prices going up

Boost going up to £6 a month, when it went up to £5 it was a ridiculous increase!

Ad removal and multi access should be separate charges perhaps £3 for each?

HD and surround sound should be standard.

If NOW want to charge for superior picture quality charge for UHD!

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It's a bit of telly, you know? It's not compulsory. 


How patronising!

Luckily I’m only paying £1 boost…. 😉

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Luckily I am on a £2/month offer until July.  I have boost for sports for the 50 fps but not convinced it is worth it for movies/entertainment, especially when I never pay more than £3 for them. 

Our Boost price is changing
The standard price of Boost will be going up by £1, to £6.00pm. You'll see the price change reflected in your bills from 28 Feb 2023 onwards. If you're on an offer or a minimum-term plan, your price won't change until your offer or plan ends.
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I agree that full price is a bit much, but as I said it's not compulsory. I would likely not have it if I couldn't get a deal. And I find the superior resolution, lack of ads and multiple devices useful for other than Sports. 

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For those who haven't seen the notification:

Our Sports Month and Boost prices are changing.

The standard prices will be going up by £1 a month, to £34.99pm for Sports Month Membership and £6pm for Boost. You'll see the price changes reflected in your bills from 28 February onwards. If you're on an offer or a minimum-term plan, your prices won’t change until your offer or plan ends.

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Aside from the sports stuff, compared to other streaming services Im of the opinion that Nows  streaming services  are very poor value when you combine movies+entertainment+boost when compared to the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney plus, Paramount Plus,  and so on .

 Nows Entertainment+films with no adds comes in at a whopping £26/month , thats £312/year

£180 more than 12 months of  netflix

£217 more than 12 months of prime ( plus you get the shopping delivery and other benefits with prime)

£242 more than Paramount plus ( 12 month)

and so on.

I know now offer discounts, but even then package+Boost is far from competitive on price.

 At least you can jum in and out of Now, however you can do that with other services as well and even on a subscribe for a month then cancel basis Now is far from value for money in comparison  to the others


Still at least you are not tied to a contract and if the prices are high then cancel - other services are better value and there is only so much time to watch all of this TV content


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Disagree entirely! Especially when you quote totally meaningless numbers.

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The numbers are based on the following, and rounded up by a few pennies

Now Boost £6 per month

Now Cinema £9.99 a month.

 Cinema plus boost equals £15.99 a month ( say £16)

Add in entertainment at another £9.99 and you are looking at £25.98 near enough to £26 a month

 So if you watch a combination of films and shorter TV content then you are looking at at least £26, add in Hayu and it goes to beyond £30 a month .

 So the headline prices are , in my opinion anything but tempting when you can get a combination of TV and films elsewhere on other legitimate services for considerably less.

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Legend 5


Full price TV memberships with NOW are a massive rip off. 
Can’t even remember in the 7 years of being a customer where I’ve paid full price for all memberships at the same time. At most I’ve not had a discount on boost for a long time but generally I’ve never spent more than £15 for boost, cinema and entertainment memberships combined. If I didn’t get any “cancellation” discounts I sure as hell wouldn’t be a customer.

As for sports, couldn’t be a bigger rip off if they tried. Paying £20 and even then I hate paying that price, thankfully split with family so it’s not too painful.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help