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Price Rise

Signed for £24 which is good value for money on a 1 year contract. After a very short time the prise increased by £3.50, which makes the deal very poor deal. I have read that this is the first price rise in three years and I understand that prices increase but I started the deal in May two months ago and if I was a new customer now, my  deal would be cheaper. So if the price rise was necessary why are new customers not charged more, or are they just going to get a price rise two months in.  Get the feeling I have been scammed. 


You haven't been scammed, prices can rise at any time subject to notice and all affected customers were notified by email and given 31 days in which to leave if they wished. You could still give them a call to express your dissatisfaction, they may offer you a better deal in exchange for a new contract, the number is 0800 759 1213. 

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It is a legitimate increase and is the first one after years. That said if you are u happy call the broadband team using the number provided by @redchiz1 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Did you get an email about the price rise about a month ago?

If so, did you not contact them on the number given in the email?