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I ordered now tv internet last month the box came it all went live it's working perfectly etc, go to pay my bills this morning and it's saying there's no payments like ready to be paid. Doesn't tell me when it would be due to be paid or anything?! I last paid on the date it went live so around the 3rd I believe. Help! There's no contact numbers or anything to directly speak to now tv 🤷
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Hi @Anonymous User 


Normally you monthly broadband payment dates should go out on the date your broadband goes live and the same day of the month there after.


When you go to My Account > Bills & Payments whilst signed in on here does it show any broadband payment dates either previous or up & coming ?


You can phone the NowTV Broadband Team by going to My Account > Orders & Appointments and click the drop down arrow below your live date to reveal the telephone number to call.


If there is no mention of your NowTV Hub delivery or your live activation date or nothing under the Bills & Payments section about any Broadband payments.


Then is it possible that you used a different email address when you signed up to NowTV Broadband ?