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Payments deducted although saying account is closed

Cancelling payment


Does anyone have any explaination why I keep getting charged on my credit card even though my account is closed. I've just logged in again and I'm told that there are no upcoming payments and no previous payments to be seen.


Do I need to completely delete the account for it to be cancelled?

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They keep saying they have no payments deducted and yet they have for the past year that I have cancelled

I even sent my card statement to prove it

On the system there is nothing to cancel

Just not sure what to do

I keep asking them and they say they will look into it but then nothing!!

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It sounds like you may have more than one account with Now TV.  You may have inadvertently opened a second account at some time in the past, perhaps with a different email address.

You should take it up with Live Chat.  Be persistent!