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Payment options

I pay £3.99 each month for Hayu. I only ever view Now tv purely for this.

However, Now TV are also billing me £7.99 a month for an Entertainment month pass which I never use. Is it compulsory to have this when I don't use it.

Please help.

Thank you

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schnapps Legend 3
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Re: Payment options

Hi @RealHousewives 

No it's not compulsory to have an entertainment pass with your Hayu pass, where all passes are separate and can be purchased & used standalone.

Is there anybody else who has access to nowtv such has little ones for example who may have accidentally bought the entertainment pass through your nowtv playback devices ?

Would always recommend adding a payment pin to your account to avoid anybody else in the house buying passes without the account holders knowledge or permission.

You can add a payment pin to your account by going to My Account (person symbol if using a mobile) and from the drop down menu option select "Settings & Pin's".

With regards to the unauthorised payment taken of £7.99 for the entertainment pass, then jump over to live chat for further assistance for seeking a refund and whilst online ask them to cancel your entertainment pass.

Link here to live chat or alternatively drop them a message.

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