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Payment failure from an offer


I received an email with an offer for the Formula 1 season....


The payment continually fails. I just changed my card, and NOW TV took £1, which I should get back.


So i tried to click through the links, and pay, but it fauled again. The  offer expirers on 16 March, if it doesnt work then I will have to give up on NOW TV. The offer doesnt appear in NOW Tv, under offers, but it is a seperate email.




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They don’t take the £1, think of it as a deposit which will show as pending and after a few days it just disappears. All it is to make sure there is funds in the account.


To get your offer sorted jump onto live chat and hopefully they can help you. 
Use the method in my signature below for live chat.


Try updating your payment method again even if it’s the same payment details.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Gray1 


Have you tried a different internet browser or another device with a browser on it when clicking on the email offer link ?


Also if clicking on the link offer is there a NOW voucher code embedded on the Url address bar on your browser (usually the code normally starts with either NOW or SMPT and is about 12 to 14 digits long).


Unfortunately i didn't get this email offer myself to test the above has a workaround.


Also i am assuming you haven't got an active day or saved day sports pass on your account and if on a current monthly sports offer it is less than 30 days remaining.


Also i am assuming your bank card has been accepted on the NOW system.


Does your NOW TV account have a Payment PIN set to ON?

if so, set it to OFF and then try redeeming the offer again - the purchase should then work OK.

I had the same problem & this solution worked for me.

You can then set your Payment PIN to ON again afterwards.