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Payment failed and Sports Bundle cut off

Hello there, I've just gone back and fourth with a couple of agents on the live calls after having my Sky Sports side of the "Sports and Sports Extra Bundle" cut off and getting a message on screen saying to pay the standard €38 for it. It was saying payment failed this morning but I had funds added to my account later in the day so now I've lost my offer that was €30 a month for 6 months only after a month of it and they agents are saying I cannot get the offer reapplied to my account and the only suggestion was to sign up with another email and get the offer that way. I would get if the payment was overdue for weeks or even days but getting cut off just for being hour's overdue is ridiculous. I'm stuck with having TNT and no Sky Sports. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been using NowTv since last September but now with no offers available I'm lost at what to do

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You mention the pricing in Euros and inclusion of TNT (lucky you, we can't get that here via NOW) so you must be in Ireland. This community is intended for UK subscribers, but NOW never deal with customer issues on here in any event.

If you haven't paid on time I don't see how you have much of an argument to be honest.