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Payment Details link to update payment card does not work

On the Now TV UK website I have been trying to update my new payment card details to pay overdue bill.  Each time the link goes back to the home page. This is a technical fix required to be done by Now TV.  There must be other customers experiencing the same issue.  Is there a phone number or email to report the issue? There are no help numbers to be found on the website.


Is there another way to pay your bill other than via My Account, Bills and Payments? I tried phoning a number given on a reminder email I received but said they couldn't take the payment, do it on the website.


If any Now TV UK management read this PLEASE can you get the Payment Details fix done.

Elite 3

@Anonymous User assuming you are talking about broadband, then there should be a contact number in your account under 'moving home'.


Failing that try the number on this page


Others have reported an issue with the payments page but had success by using a different internet browser like Edge or Firefox.