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Painful increase

I have been a Now TV customer for almost 9 years 

My broadband cost this month has increased to £38.

In 2023 - This is far too much for broadband (i don’t have a phone, calls or anything - the broadband is simply to provide internet for the most basic Now tv package) 

A quick search online, displayed my options. As a ‘new’ customer i would be able to join Now Tv for £21 or £26 per month!!!!

It is impossible not to be offended and outraged by this, after a quick calculation shows that i have given them almost £4,000 during my time as a customer. 

I have tried calling, and it is near impossible to get through - and impossible to speak to somebody with any authority to do anything about it.

They make it incredibly difficult to understand when your contract expires and have offered me nothing.

truly saddened and disgusted by this. 

Legend 5
Legend 5


You never speak to broadband support staff on the forum. As it’s customer to customer used, so as justified as your annoyance is, it won’t get you far at all.

Try calling this number instead.

NOW Broadband Members can call us 8am–8pm, 7 days a week.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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  1. Have a look at uswitch - switch and get a better rate
  2. Get a data only SIM.  You can get unlimited data for £15/month or less.  However check you get decent reception first.

@Paulrodge If you give them a call and tell them you are unhappy and thinking of leaving, I am pretty sure they will make you an offer of a better deal to tempt you to stay. 🙂


@Paulrodge Also, you mention a basic NOW TV package, are you including that in the price you mention? Bear in mind that broadband and TV are charged separately and you don't have to have NOW broadband to get NOW TV. But do take the overall cost calculation into account. 


Hi, No - Broadband cost is £38.50 per month

Entertainment TV package is £9.99

So i am paying £48.49 per month, for the basic. No sports, no movies, no calls or anything ( i dont even own a phone) - Surely there is a better way. 


OK, I definitely think you are paying over the odds for your broadband, give them a call as suggested earlier.