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Overcharged.... Twice!

Joined April via online offer. Paid completely different price when service activated. Phoned and told sorry and will credit extra to Mays bill.

May bill goes out with no reduction and is higher! than April.

Contacted customer complaints. Couldnt get rid of me quick enough.

Told free for june (yeah right!!). Its not free at all. You have had 20 quid extra already so how is it free??

Asked to complain officially as I was obviously being fobbed off. Was then told complaint was passed to back office and would be contacted next week!!

So that was an abreviated table of events. I do not for one minute think a complaint was lodged. I fully expect to be charged in June which I will charge back through Visa Card disputes.

How is this sort of customer service even still around in 2019.

Incompetent, unprofessional and amatuer.

I am already looking for another provider to switch to as it would seem NOW Tv write contracts as they go along.

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Re: Overcharged.... Twice!

my dad reckons he was overcharged, he got confused about having to click on cancel repeatedly apparently, although the NOW tv refunded him. Seems like the basic aim is to discourage older people from navigating the web site to discourage them from switching from their Sky contracts ?


Seems like the help desk is outsourced to China now or something he had a pigeon english reply that barely made sense. I am going to be checking the card bill although I think he used direct debit which actually has less protection.


Suffice to say he's not happy and wouldn't touch NOW tv with a barge pole  and I am wishing I'd never recommended it to him! 



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