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Order cancelled, still trying to charge

I ordered NOW broadband last month and the order was cancelled due to an issue with openreach, I wasn't notified of the cancellation of the order until my previous (now still current) provider thanked me for choosing to stay. I then inquired with NOW as to what was happening and was issued a refund on my payment for the router. I have just however looked at the account and it says there is an outstanding bill for that £5 payment and the account is still active, though as far as I've been told my order was cancelled? I don't have time to sit on hold for ages right now, and can't find an email address to talk to anyone. So my question is, can I put another order in and is there any point?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Get in touch with the NOW Broadband Team if the £5 refund is not showing on your account or is in the process of being refunded.


Use one of the communication methods from this link page below. 


Or alternatively email them using the email address on this screen shot below.