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Online profile not matching actual account

I log into my account online and check my payment details, all details are up to date, but the address is not changing. Even after updating the card details and address. I then checked my services and its showing nothing active. 

For a bit of background, I had NowTV broadband 2 years ago, I then cancelled and moved to a different provider. I then moved residence, and needed to reactivate my account, but at the new address. I received a call and setup all my details and said that I already had an account and was told everything will sync once everything is active. My new account has been active since December 2022. Now my payment card has expired, and as said above I went online to update the details and noticed the profile seems incorrect. Last month I had to make a manual payment, and the guy said everything was up to date, and again said the online profile will be updated correctly. Went in today and still nothing changed, and this month I get another email saying that my payment has been declined. Seems like they still using the old card details, even after updating everything. What can be done? Speaking to someone on the phone is just as bad as trying to get anything out of the chatbot...