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Offered a deal on movies but website wouldn't let me accept it

I just cancelled my Entertainment pass and on the next screen got offered a movie pass for £4.80 a month (for either 3 or 6 months, can't remember which). When I clicked to accept it something went wrong with the website and I had to log back in.


When I logged back in the screen was stuck in an endless loop showing it was loading the passes (similar to another issue raised by a user today, although unlike them I was using a mobile browser, no adblock installed). Eventually clicked passes again - it showed the pass was available for £11.99 and I had not signed up and had no offers available on this.


I'd like to get the deal I was offered - £4.80 a month for movies, but it didn't let me take it out and now doesn't seem available to me anymore. I was directed to the forums by the chatbot as no-one is available to chat. Does anyone from nowtv monitor these forums and can they help??