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Number of simultaneous NOW streams changing from July 2021?

I was browsing the NOW website and I saw in two sections that the number of devices you can watch NOW at the same time could be reducing from mid July 2021. This was in the terms and conditions for 'How NOW works'

"Register up to 6 compatible devices and watch on 2 at the same time (1 device from 15 July 2021) (3 if you have NOW Boost)."


It looks like NOW Boost will still increase that to three devices but Boost itself is increasing in price to £5 per month! 


The information about the number of devices changing is in the terms and conditions under the 'Sports Membership Offer'

More information about Boost is in the FAQ's below


It this is true then it will not be a popular change as I'm sure that many people watch on more than one device at a time and will be forced to pay £5 a month more for a Boost.


It would good if someone from NOW could come and confirm if and how this change is happening as the information about it on the NOW website does seem somewhat vague.


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