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NowTV has turned into an absolute sham in the past weeks... what is going on and what a mess ?!?

I have been a user of NowTV for many years.  The reason that I do not subscribe to the full SkyTV satellite service, is that I cannot justify paying full costs for SkyTV, and for just the odd bit of sport, and with 900 channels that just won't be watched most of the time.  


I am not a big sports user and therefore I can't justify paying the £33.99 per month for sky sports... often I have used the Sky Sports Mobile app at £5.99 for the odd premier game, or occasional darts.    Sometimes occasionally I have benefitted the NowTV promotion of Sky Sports at a good price of approx £15-20 per month for the full sports channel pack... but even then I only watch these channels occasionally.


I pay a reasonable amount for the NowTV packages for our household... and occasionally my partner would wish to watch the entertainment channels on our box, whilst i watch a sporting event on another device. 


This weekend I have realised that you can now only watch ONE device only !  And yet you can nominate 6 devices to be registered to your account.  What a joke this is !!  In a household with a partner and kids, then ONE SINGLE stream does not cut it.   


Before any comments, i know I can pay for BOOST for £5... but i feel that I already pay enough in total costs for Sky Entertainment, Sky Movies and Sky Sports packs !!    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT SKY THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA ! 


What a complete sham !    I am not interested in paying a further £5 Boost a month on top of the costs of £33.99 + £9.99 + £9.99 (retail prices) for sports / movies / entertainment.   In total this amounts to nearly £54 for the packages, although I don't usually adopt the full priced sports. 


This brings me to my next point.    Sometimes I take up a few months of full Sky sports when a promotion is available, and then drop back to the Sky Sports Mobile service when the price increases to £33.99... the mobile only service restricted to a few channels for £5.99 a month.    As I mentioned, i only watch sports occasionally and don't watch enough to justify paying full cost of £33.99.     I HAVE JUST READ THAT NOWTV HAVE STOPPED THE SKY SPORTS MOBILE SERVICE recently.


Both of these changes to the terms of NowTV have been rolled out during a time when people are recovering from economical problems, furlough and reduced wages, and during a bad time in pandemic. 


I will almost certainly be cancelling all my NowTV services in the near future... this is a complete joke how this has been handled... and not even communicated to the customers in advance.    I can no longer watch F1 or a premier game when my partner is watching a box set, or allow my child to watch something when I am.   NowTV also make a fair amount of money as a customer of the multiple packs that I pay for.   


I am a very unhappy customer right now.   




@Anonymous User 


It seams to me that your usage of Now Sports gels perfectly with the idea of having a separate account for this.


You can have several Now accounts, as many as you have packages if you like, and the simultaneous streams limit applies per account, so you can have one watcher for each, all at once.


Normally, the account swapping this engenders makes it a faff when going between Entertainment and Cinema say; but it wouldn’t be for how you use the service.


Boost does bring quite a few advantages besides 3 simultaneous watchers though, and nobody need pay £5 beyond the first month, except BT TV subscribers, who can’t get retention offers when they start a Cancel 😛

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.