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Now Tv has cancelled my order

I tried to set up my broadband and a new account today over the phone and everything was fine until I got an email about 5 minutes later saying that NOW TV had cancelled my order for my broadband and phone line and didn't say why. My account is available to access but my broadband plan has been cancelled. 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Whilst logged in on here with your NowTV Broadband account login details, go to My Account > Manage Account > Broadband & Calls > Orders & Appointments to see if under live date it shows Cancelled.


I know some customers who had an existing NowTV Broadband account and when moving home with NowTV gets a cancelled email notification message which they can ignore.


Though my understanding this is not true with new customers joining NowTV, where it looks like NowTV have cancelled the order for some reason.


Where you will need to phone the NowTV Broadband Team for clarification on why your order has been cancelled and what needs to be done next.


Use the telephone number on this link below to reach out to the NowTV Broadband Team.