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Legend 5

Re: Now TV signed me up to a pass I didn't ask for.

@youngsyp @ukbobboy 


You couldn’t have signed up to a 7-day Cinema Pass, as there is no such thing you can buy.

Could it have been a ‘free‘ trial you were signed up for?


Can you post the wording of the email you got, with any personal or sensitive information redacted? As we need to be clear if this action was initiated by NowTV, or if they think they were responding to an initiative that you, somebody masquerading as you, or a glitch in NowTV’s systems mistaking you for somebody else (etc.), had started.


I think it is possible to start such a free trial simply by looking at a Cinema item, and maybe NowTV think this is what has happened here.


Have you had a Cinema pass in the past? That would be something that would disqualify you from getting a free trial, I think, thus ruling out that possibility.

One thing you could, and should, do now though, is go to My Account/Settings & PINs and set a Payment PIN, until all this is bottomed out.


And look at My Account/Devices, and see if there is anything there that you don’t recognise.



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