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Now TV scam

I just had an email from Now TV saying we've given you a 3 month entertainment pass for free which will renew at £8 a month. And that this has already been added to my account!

This is actually illegal.

Putting customers on a subscription without them asking for it - and without their consent - is illegal. Do not try dressing up a scam as 'we are giving you a free pass' - I'm not that stupid. I will now write about this in the Guardian and to a couple of industry watchdogs. Terrible from Now TV.
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Community Manager

Re: Now TV scam


Sorry, @Anonymous User our mistake.


We recently sent you an email with some incorrect information.


We’re looking into how this happened and will be in touch shortly to set things straight.




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Re: Now TV scam

I've also had this Scam email and worse they have added 3 months of the Entertainment subscription to my account.  It already says that it is cancelled but I now feel that I will need to recheck in 3 months time to check I haven't been charged.


This is so underhand.   I have cancelled my Sports subscription.


Re: Now TV scam

Ok - I've mentioned this on a couple of other threads.


Mistakes do happen but this one is frankly off the scale and appears to have happened a number of times according to this board.


Can you confirm it was simply the email that was wrong and you didn't actually subscribe customers to a services that had not been consented to ? That's illegal.


I recall some cases a few years ago where customers had been switched electricity providers  when all they had done is give their details for more information.



I suggest it's appropriate to formally apologise and not send another ridiculous marketing "oops" email.




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Re: Now TV scam

I've just had one of these emails. As my day job is a fraud specialist I immediately thought this was a phishing email but then the sender's address looked real. I then thought someone had accessed my account (it happened on Netflix) so I logged it and reset my password.

If this was a 'mistake' then it should be happening over a year later. Blantant attempt at signing people up to services they don't want. One for ofcom/CISAS and removal of account for me.