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Now TV - Mobile Website does not process cancellation requests properly

I cancelled my TV pass on the mobile website 15 times but still got billed, the cancellation button doesn't work


Messaged NOW TV - they said it needs to be cancelled on a PC and they will not refund the charges.


I wonder how many people of experienced this and how many thousands of pounds NOW TV have unfairly taken from customers?


How can this be resolved?


Anonymous User
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It's not just the website!


I cancelled months ago on the app.  Then noticed months later I'd still been charged every month. So then I cancelled by phone and got a partial refund and assurances it was actually cancelled.  That was last month.  This month I've been charged again, so logged in to see an active pass on my account.  I cancelled this time on the website and followed up with the online chat assistant. Again, I've been assured it really is cancelled this time.


If I'm billed again next month then I've exhausted every possible way on cancelling.  It's a total con for a service that's supposed to be easy and flexible!