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Not receiving emails

I have been using sport for over a month (£25 offer). Throughout September I had full access to sport despite the payment failing (which I didn’t know because I got no notifications whatsoever). Nothing came up while watching on the app on my TV and I received no emails, the last email I received was end of august to tell me about the new sky max channel. 

I tried to watch the end of the France Belgium game and noticed it should I wasn’t subscribed. Quick login in to my account and I could see the payments had failed so I thought I’ll just update the payment (I had 2 new cards in a week so I’d forgotten obviously the one I used was now expired) but they will not honour the £25 a month offer. No one can tell me why I didn’t receive the emails they just tell me they were sent. Why would I wait all this time to update the payment details? No sky sports for me then because I’m not paying £33 because there’s a problem with the email system. 

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