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No end of contract notification, now paying an extra £17

I was paying £23 per month, for broadband and calls, now the price has risen sharply to £40 per month. I thought it was law that you had to be notified well in advanced before your contract ended, so you don't end up paying over the odds.


Have searched through all my emails, and no letter was received in the post, notifying me of my contract ending. There's also no messages on my online account.

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Legend 5

Hi @Dianne742 


Both me and my Sister had an email notification about three of four weeks before the end of our NOW Broadband 12 months contract with different prices and options on what to do next.


If we did nothing the price remained the same.


Surprised there was nothing under your online NOW Broadband account under "Messages" where the email received was showing there for both of us.


 Best to jump over to the NOW Broadband Team for further help and assistance. 


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And yes, they are obliged to notify you before the contract ends. Might be worth checking junk/spam folders if you haven't already.