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New monthly charge for Sky Sports for £33.99 starting today until 27th August

Dear NowTv,

In July 2019, I purchased one of your Football season passes for £199 to watch the Premier League football. Due to Covid-19 my football season pass was extended even after I cancelled it earlier due to the football season going on for a few months more than expected.
My account says that I am to be charged a further £33.99 for another months of sports which I do not want starting today and my card will be charged on the 27th August 2020.
Please could you cancel this months sports package as I do not want it and do not want to be charged for a further month when the football season has now finished. 
Thank you
Luke Adams
[email removed]


I've had this happen today aswell. Same situation as you season pass started last year then extended by sky due to coronavirus. It clearly said the pass would end on a particular date too.

I've not been able to get someone on live chat but I've just made a complaint through email.

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Do you have anything to complain about?  I am in the same boat and think they have been very fair in extending the season pass.  See my other post in this thread.  You need to cancel if you don't want to pay full price.  Will they offer a reduction for a few months?  Will they do another full season pass?  (I hope so!) 

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Can cancel renewal through your online account.  There is a chance that Now may then offer a reduced package.  I got a cut price for 3 months last year.  But the question is "will they offer a season pass again?"  And if so, when will it be announced?  They have done it for the last 3 years but tend not to pre-announce it.  Anyone heard anything??