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Need a refund!

I was SURE to have cancelled my subscription to sky sports as I had gone through many steps to do so. I had since deleted the app but upon inspection of spending during the Christmas break I had found 5 months worth of bills for this which I had not been using. I have not had any emails since now and September ( when I thought it had been cancelled ) about payment or any updates, is there a reason for this? If not I would expect a full refund of the past 5 months of UNUSED and CANCELLED television. 




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I recently purchased a NOW stick from Tesco. Whilst activating the account on the internet I was sent another stick for which I was charged another 25 Euro. Obviously I do not need two stix so not sure why I would be sent a second and charged for it. I also cancelled my passes as the service offered is just not worth the amount being charged. I now see I have been charged 15,00 Euro for Cinema on the 28th Dec. Tried using online chat but it is a waste of time. Certainly would not recommend Now TV. Very dissatisfied customer