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Need Street Address for NowTV to Port Number to VOIP

I am going to be switching over my landline number from PSTN managed by NowTV to VOIP managed by Sipgate.


For this I need to fill out a Certificate of Authentication to give Sipgate written permission to request from NowTV permission to transfer my PSTN landline number over to their VOIP service.


For this I need a street address for nowTV as the process is done via the standard mail.


I have found this address for NowTV on the internet.


NowTV Head Office

The Hub 1st Floor

Grant Way




Is this the correct address or is there a better address for NowTV?


I tried telephoning NowTV's customer service who was utterly useless who said there is no street address for nowTV at all. When telling them I need a street address to do this switch, the response was basically tough luck. 


To change over your line from PSTN to VOIP you need to fill out this form that requires a street address for your current provider. Can someone help me here. Or should I just use that above address?


You cannot say to someone we won't let you switch away from us by not giving out the required information.

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@Anonymous User as per the complaints and privacy sections, that is the correct address for NowTV's head office.