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NOW TV won't accept payment card for some passes

I received an email from NOW TV saying that they can't take payment for my entertainment pass and my movies pass but my payment card is valid and there are definitely funds available and I've never changed my card details. This is the first month this has happened and what's more is they have taken payment for my broadband so they must be able to take payment. I can't understand why it's just stopped working? Help!


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@Anonymous User there are an increasing number of people in the last week saying they've received the same/similar email so I'd be inclined to think this is a new scam doing the rounds.


Firstly, if the email contains any links, DO NOT click on them.


Secondly, jump on to live chat and check with NowTV directly to ensure all your payments are correct and up to date (at the bottom of the link click on the blue down arrow and select the appropriate option to activate)


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@Anonymous User 

I have replied to the thread you started, however saying payment in a post means absolutely nothing to us where we could try help you.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help