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NOW TV Emails Appearing Unsolicited



I receive emails from NOW but the addresses asking for payment come from [email removed]  (an email account that has the word Sky in it and not NOW)

I have an email from this address telling me that I am overdue a payment, with a phone number and when I rang through it sounded like NOW Broadband.


However, it comes from an email from Sky and it's confusing. I logged onto my account to check and it looks like the payment has been made this month already, although I have updated my card details as these have now changed.


I've just been a victim of having had money taken from my account from somewhere else in the country. So I'm just cautious not to give my bank card details to any email that gives a number for me to call if the email address isn't exactly what service I receive. 


Can anyone clarify if that email address is NOW Broadband or spam? I've had accounts with other companies where this has been confusing in the past so I just want to check which way round it is.




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@Anonymous User 

Give the team a call using the number below.

How to submit your complaint:

  • Give us a call on 08007591213 to speak directly to a NOW advisor.
FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help