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New to NOW TV. Have also got Prime and Netflix and will need to leave one of them as three are obviously costly!

I was thinking of keeping Now TV and leaving Netflix (a novice at them all really) and this evening, decided to watch Mission Impossible 1. I had watched Fallout which is new, on Netflix or Prime included. So was shocked to find that a 21 yr old film is costing me £11-99 to watch, over and above the £7-99 I have committed to pay for Now TV. 

Is it just me thinking this is beyond the pale, please?


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Hi @Anonymous User 


The £7.99 gets you a month’s Entertainment programmes. I guess that is what you bought originally.


The £11.99 gets you a month’s Movies; you are charged this when you first watch any movie this month, as you found when you watched Mission Impossible 1.


But NowTV don’t have some free movies, and other for which they charge movie by movie, like some other services; once you have paid the monthly charge, there are about a thousand movies, some quite new, that you can pick from, and watch as many as you want, during that month.


But if you don’t want to keep this subscription going, Cancel it now; this will stop it from renewing next month, but you can still cram in as many movies as you want during the month you just paid for, as the Cancel only takes effect at the end of it.



Please do not say ‘you’ in your posting and imagine you are talking to any employees of Now. Generally, we are all customers like yourself, who can’t help with billing or other queries that only Now can answer 😞