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Mysterious account activity, passes and vouchers appear when they haven't been ordered

OK so this is a weird and slightly long winded one.


About 5 years ago, I checked my account and noticed there was a voucher for 3 months Sky Movies added. It hadn't cost my anything and so I assumed it was some sort of promotion added by Now TV themselves. However, a few months later, a one month Entertainment Pass was taken out and paid for with my credit card without my knowledge. This then continued to happen from time to time. Each time, Now TV were great, cancelled it and refunded me, but insisted I, or someone with access to my accounts, must have taken it out.


I live alone, have good security on my computer, regularly change my password and basically no one else could have access to my account.


In the end, I had my credit card removed from the account in question and set up a new account. Everything was fine for a few years, with only passes that I'd actually purchased appearing on the account, but today, the same has happened again on the new account.

It really is a mystery to me how it's happening. My only thought is that each time I've been watching a film on another service (either Netflix or Prime) via a Roku stick which is next to my Now TV box. Is it possible that the Roku remote has activated something on the Now TV box and is it even possible to purchase passes directly on the box? I've always done it via my computer. Even if this were possible, it wouldn't explain the initial 3 month voucher being added that I never paid for or added myself. 

I've just added a payment pin to see if this will solve the issue but it's a mystery and thought I'd see if anyone else had had a similar experience.

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Re: Mysterious account activity, passes and vouchers appear when they haven't been ordered

Hi @Rachel17 


That is a possibility if your NowTV Box is powered up and using the same wifi network.


I have a similar scenario, where i switch the power off either on my Roku Stick or NowTV Box in the same room or alternatively i use the Roku Remote App on my smartphone which you can toggle between the two devices without effecting the other.


If you haven't added a Payment Pin to your account, then yes it is possible to buy passes directly off your NowTV box (though extremely unlikely if you are doing it blind without seeing the television screen).


As a test power up both devices and before using the Roku Remote switch HDMI inputs on your television and check the position or point where the NowTV box is showing, then press the Roku Remote a couple of times when on the Roku input source on the television, then jump back to the input on the NowTV box and see if it has changed.


With regards to a refund for the unwanted pass then you will have to jump over to NowTV live chat.