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Multiple devices

Hi Please can some one tell me if there is a charge for having / watch two devices at the same tile on one account?

I am currently with Talktalk but are charging £4 per month for two tv boxes.


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Scholar 2

Theres an additional package called Boost which allows you to watch on more than one device at the same time. So if you subscribe to cinema and sport and pay for boost you can  watch a movie on one device and the F1 on another at the same time for example. I imagine you could also be watching one movie while the other device is watching it too or a different one.


In short you can watch on more than one device but you will need to pay the extra for Boost.


You can get separate memberships on separate accounts and watch them on separate devices at the same time without getting boost. So you can watch a movie, a tv series and a football match on three different devices at the same time.