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Moving home


Today I called nowtv today to transfer my broadband account to my new address which i move into in a few weeks time. 

However despite only moving 2 miles up the road to a village outside the town i currently live in with the same dialling code I have been told NowTv can no longer provide me the service, so I have had to cancel my account. 

The village has no issues with broadband coverage, so I don't understand why they cannot provide a service. Also I was hoping to transfer my landline number too, however now that I will need to set up a new account for broadband and phone line when I move i cannot see it being possible to do this.

I was wondering what is my vest option now, will it be to find a new provider and them ask if they can transfer my landline number, I'm not sure a company will do that when opening up a new account 

Has anybody had similar problems when moving?



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Not all areas are served by the same fibre network. Also it’ll be down to capacity at the cabinet.

It is posible that they are only providing FTTP which NOW don’t offer.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help