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Monthly Sports Pass stopped early?

I activated a Monthly Sports Pass on 1st December, it was an offer with the now tv stick which i cancelled straight away as i know i wouldn't keep it after the month.  However the pass has stopped already?  i would go to Live Chat for help but it isn't working! any help appreciated thanks



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Hi @Anonymous User 


Somebody else reported something similar the other day with either an entertainment or cinema one month pass.


Normally if you cancel a pass in the last 30 days it should allow you the full duration of the pass.


Don't know why it hasn't for you on this occasion.


Out of curiosity is there an option next to the one month sports pass to reactivate the pass (not purchase a new pass) ?


To reach live chat open the link page below and click on the small green arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch to reveal the live chat button. 

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I took out a monthly Sports Pass for December to watch the football. I am on vacation for all of January and planned to cancel before end of month.


Sky billed at 15:45 on 24 December and I received bill on 27 December for JANUARY.


Called Now TV and they said nothing could be done!!


If I want to cancel today then I cannot watch rest of DECEMBER.


Not good