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Membership not cancelling


I thought I had cancelled my movies membership pass however I've just been charged for this. I’ve now tried to cancel my membership for movies and entertainment and gone through the steps and confirmed cancellation. 
but they’re still showing on my passes and with the option to cancel still? How do I know the passes have definitely been cancelled? 
thanks in advance 

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Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Alex19 


Did you cancel both Entertainment and Cinema TV Memberships which need to be cancelled separately ?


After going through the four screen steps to cancel on your online account it should show cancelled in red text below the TV Membership and say you can watch up to a certain date, plus there should be an option to restart the Membership by clicking on the green button.


You normally also get a NOW email confirmation that a Membership has been cancelled.


Have you got a Payment Pin also set up on your account, just in case a family member who has access to your account is restating the TV Memberships without your knowledge via your playback devices ?