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Membership Offers...

Anyone else wondering why Now TV would automatically put you on a 6 month membership offer when there are vouchers for the same service in your account? Seems a waste of time. If the passes are used up then yes maybe send a membership long term deal to entice longevity.... But surely not before. 


Also why are the offers a lot poorer than when you could buy passes from stores...? Surely the money now goes direct to Now TV instead of a cut to the shops.... So £7.99 pcm now for Cinema directly vs 3 months for £15 on a voucher is a huge leap.... 😕


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If you really want to find out then write to them at the following:

Now TV Customer Services Email.jpg

 UK Bob

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Sadly it’s going down the same route as it’s sister company. Now they’ve got more customers they can gamble on raising prices. They’ve cut stores out too and even devices are being culled. Where have all the Smart Sticks and Now TV Smart Boxes gone? 

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As Sky and NOW are directly owned by Comcast, they will be pushing more of the "US" type business model to here in the UK. 


For instance, Comcasts US streaming service Peacock TV, they do not have a "Peacock TV" device. Its just available on whatever platforms they want to be supported.


Also on Peacock TV their pricing system includes adverts or an extra fee to have an advert free experience. Which explains the route that NOW are taking as they have introduced Third Party adverts recently and changing BOOST to allow for an advert free experience.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help