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LandLine not working

Landline not working, Hub reset last week, no dialing tone or incoming calls, although I am told a ringing tone is heard when calls are made to the number.

Tried all tests etc... Autobot useless.... Help Phone number useless...I haven't got an active phone line!

I use the line as a contact for Doctor, Hospital and close relatives for my 85 y/o Mother, as I have remote handsets throughout the house to save her panicking rushing to get to a phone when it rings, sorry, used to ring.

Hopefully someone at NOW will take interest, and answer this post for more details.


Whoo Hoo got a badge, that helps!

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Why not use your mobile to call as it needs to be logged over the phone. See link for number.

Within that link you can also fill out a form which you might be able to get sorted for the landline.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help