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Increased bill

Hi, I seem to have had an increase to my broadband bill that took affect in July 23. I haven’t had any notification about an increase in payment and my deal is expected to run for 12 months from middle of Jan 23. Should I have received communication to say the bill was increasing and can someone confirm why it has increased as if it was inflation based I would have expected the increase to happen for April payment.

please can someone advise

ors worth noting I have not had any extras on my bill that might have increased the charge and I can see the super fibre broadband is now showing at £38 a month

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Broadband prices increased by £3.50 on the 7th July. You should have had an email warning of it and giving you an opportunity to leave penalty free.

You do not seem to be the only one who didn't receive it.


@Jayach wrote:

You do not seem to be the only one who didn't receive it.

Or missed it.


How much is this increase?

 Almost every one on Now broadband has been hit with a£3.50 increase if yours is higher then are you at the end of the minimum term period, also known as being "out of contract" the advertised deal is a special offer that runs for 12 months , you stay with Now for 12 months and then at the end of this they may keep you on the same offer or increase the costs significantly ( ie £38/month) at which point its time to shop around for another ISP and then use the best deal from another provider to haggle with Now - if Now wont match or come to an agreeable cost then move to another provider

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The OP says they have been with them since mid January, so not an expired contract.

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Outside of what has been mentioned by others feel free to call the broadband team and see what they can do. See link for number.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help