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Incorrect bill

Since paying for  broadband my bill is £32 - £9 for the offer I got. Total of £23 a month 

For the past 2 months without no email telling me or any reason for it my bill says £35.50 - £9 offer. Total £26.50


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Hi @hol_ 

You should have got an email about the price increase back in around May or June 2023. 

Though a number of people are saying they didn't get the email notification (with no sign of the email in any of their email folders including Spam).

Myself and two other family members who are NOW Broadband customers got the email about the £3.50 price rise and two of us was still under a 12 month contract.

Best to phone the NOW Broadband Team if you didn't get the email and not happy with the price jump.


Same thing here, except I got an email in June saying "[I'm] currently paying £22.00 a month and this will change to £25.50 a month by 27/07/23" and then no further commucation on this matter. Lo and behold, my bill for the last two months has been £32.50 for some reason.


I’ve not had an email either and just realised mines gone up from £22 to £35.50!

I noticed my plan has changed to include the calls package and I don’t have a landline!

I have been with NOW for 13 months and have never been happy with my broadband it crashes too often and this price rise and plan change without my knowledge is the final straw, just going to look for another provider and bin these.


In a similar situation myself. I’ve been with Now Broadband for years and have always paid £25 (I opted for no contract years ago).

I had the email in June about the £3.50 increase but have paid £33.50 in August and September (likely the same in October), which is an £8.50 increase.

Looking at the T&C it suggests that “Fab Fibre” is £33.50 after the initial 12-month contract, however I am not in contact and have never been. The email I received in June didn’t suggest anything other than a £3.50 increase.

I don’t believe I should be paying £33.50 and will contact NOW but wondering it anyone else has experienced this since June?


The same thing has happened to me - however the e-mail I got sent back in July clearly states DO NOTHING to go from £22.99 to £26.49 a month, no contract, keeps rolling unless cancelled, cancel anytime. So I called their customer services and they acknowledged the email was not worded very well but that I had to accept the offer by 10th Aug - I said thats not what the e-mail says - so now they are saying the best they can do is £31.50 if I sign up for 12 month contract - so I have raised a complaint.  The worst part is - i asked to be put through to the complaints team and he said - sorry you have to raise it in writing because there are too many people complaining about this issue and the phone lines get backed up so we are not taking complaints over the phone.  THIS....from a telecoms company - you couldn't make it up!!!!!