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I want to Delete Account and Remove all details

Hi Now TV,


I've seen all I want on your platform and have already cancelled my pass.


I now wish to delete all my account details, including all personal and payment info.


Please advise




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Re: I want to Delete Account and Remove all details



Try this:-

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Re: I want to Delete Account and Remove all details



Thanks for that. I had seen your post while browsing for ideas earlier and I will try the telephone "dead end" route if all else fails, although I have made some progres with Live Chat.


Just finished a Chat session and after being very very persistent 😤, my card details have been removed from the account and I'm off their marketing info mailing list. But name, address and email are to be retained for 7 years for "fraud prevention" purposes, it seems! As it happens, email is not an issue - I use Yahoo disposable addresses for just this type of situation and I can delete the NOWTV address any time I like without affecting anything else 🤣


When I mentioned the ICO & GDPR the agent quickly referred the case to their complaints team and I am promised a reply within 7 days. We shall see what happens.


I also asked for phone & postal address details for NOW but was told they are online only !!! Pretty good at stonewalling. Once bitten, twice shy with NOWTV and Sky, I think. 🙄


Anyway - partial success so far and I will post again when (or if) anything new occurs.