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I need help, I am trying to cancel automatic payments but NowTv is not allowing it.

Im trying to stop automatic payments going out my account. Not every month i want to have entertainment and movies. I would rather renew with vouchers. I have just gone onto my account and tried to cancel entertainement and movies, but it says that i can not cancel because they are trying to take my money out. This will not happen, because there is nothing in my bank, and i do not want to have these packages yet.  I do not want automatic payments, if this is part of the contract then i do not want to be a customer of NowTv. I want to be in control what i want to buy.  So if NowTv successfully take my money out how will i get it back? and how long will it take to get it back?,,Do i need to put a block on Nowtv with my bank?

I appreciate any help given, I think its wrong that Nowtv is doing this, I think im going to stick with Netflix if this isnt resolved.

I think i misunderstood what is involved here, i actually thought that i could buy vouchers when i wished.  

Thank you.

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