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I can't cancel my subscription?

I can't cancel my subscription (still in the free 30 day pass) - when I click on Manage My Account as suggested, it says I have no subscriptions. I definitley have one as I can view Now TV movies on my Xbox! Help please!

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Hi and welcome to the forum @Anonymous User,


Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the NOW TV subscriber to manage their NOW TV account (or accounts if you have them) and subscriptions!


Unless your NOW TV subscription is directly through Apple (via an iTunes account) or you've received a NOW TV promotional offer through Vodafone, the official way to cancel your NOW TV subscriptions is via your NOW TV account. It's recommended that you use a Windows or Mac computer, not a mobile device, as their web browsers are not sophisticated enough to display 'pop-up' windows (ie: windows within windows). Also, Mac or IOS device users will require JavaScriptsupport enabled in their Safari internet browsers. Here's what you need to do: -


  • Log onto your NOW TV account via this forum using the same log-in details as your NOW TV playback device.
  • Then click on the grey coloured 'Canel' button which is located within each of the NOW TV services you have subscribed to (ie: Entertainment, Cinema, Kids, Sport). You should see something like this: -



  • A new "We hate saying goodbye" web page will be displayed.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the web page.
  • Click on the purple coloured 'I don't want my contract free pass' button on the bottom right of the web page.
  • Follow the remainder of on-screen instructions/questionnaires and retention offers, if any...

If the above mentioned 'cancellation' process has been completed correctly, you will receive a confirmation email from NOW TV.




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Its now 2018 & the same problems arise no easy way to cancel. online interface awful these practises should be punished. Cancel payments direct from bank .... its the only way
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I also cannot unsubscribe.I too get the answer "You must have another account". So what!!! I dont want anymore payments coming from that card so cancel it!! Trying to talk to anyone from nowtv just does not happen. I went into my bank and was told they cant help. A total rip off,criminal act,it must be!!