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I am not being charged for broadband



I'm a new customer and I cannot find any information on my upcoming bill and how to pay. When I go to "Bills and payments" in my account, I see that I have no upcoming bill. This doesn't seem right. Surely, I must pay at some point? Also, in "payment details", I cannot see anywhere where I can enter a payment method for broadband, it is only TV, which I don't have. So... is this internet for free or what?

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@Anonymous User 

We all wish the internet is free 😛


Give the team a call using the number found in my signature below. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User 


When my Sister joined NOW Broadband, for some unknown reason they didn't take the first payment (usually due on the live activation date) and the following month took double for month 1 & 2.


Where myself and my Dad the NOW Broadband payment was taken on the actual live activation date that i was expecting.


I would also go into My Account > Orders & Appointments and Broadband & Calls to see if there is any indication of your NOW Broadband (just in case you have setup two accounts one for TV and one for Broadband and looking on the wrong account).