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I am not a number, I'm a free man

Just got an email about having to use pin numbers to access live tv. I live in a household of over 18s and don't understand why I have to suffer because a few parents cannot learn to control their kids. Come on NOW tv, we are not all the same and such actions will only mean cancelling my contract and looking elsewhere. How do I stop this nonsense?

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Scholar 3

Where you going to look? Sky use a pin (or at least they used to) and so do Virgin Media. It's only the movies that will require the pin, annoying I agree! Especially as there are no number keys on the remote control. Anyway between the price rise and the annoying pin requirement I will be dropping Cinema as it's just not good value for money IMHO.

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Now tv must not think too highly of us if they have decided that all their
customers consist of households with children or immature adults.

As for your first question, I take it you assume that there are only 2
means of watching movies and TV, sky and virgin. Sorry to disappoint but
there are more ways out there.

It is bad enough with having to remember different passwords without adding
pin numbers into the mix.

Thanks for respinding anyway.