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How do I find my landline number?

I cannot find my landline number anywhere - checked through all my account pages online, checked through all emails and messages within my account too. Tried using chatbot but no options available which allow me to ask this question - so poor! 


Cannot find my landline number anywhere!! Currently sat on hold to waiting to get through to someone which should be such an easy answer to find within at least 1 piece of information I've received from NOW TV over the last year! 

Any ideas other than sitting here waiting on hold? 

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Hi @OPritch13 

I am assuming you haven't got a landline phone connected to ring either your mobile or a family member or friends mobile to see the incoming call number? 

When I signed up to NOW Broadband my allocated landline number assigned to me was on my NOW order acknowledgement email and the email was also under My Messages on my online NOW account.

If you can't get through on the phone to NOW Broadband Team, then use the web form on this link page below to send them a message.