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Help from NowTV staff - non payment for October?



I tried the email option of getting in contact with Now TV, but I get an error when i try to send, so ill post it here.

I have noticed that I received an email from Now TV last month (14th October) stating that you were unable to take payment from me for my entertainment pass - I have recently changed to a new credit card. I have still been able to use NowTV since this date, so im now confused as to whether I am subscribed or not, and if any discount offer is still in place?


I had taken a 50% discount offer in September (paid £3.99 on Sept 14th), and im not sure if this was a discount for 1 month, or multiple months. If you were unable to take payment in October, I am happy for you to bill me now for the past month - my card details have been updated in my account, but i need someone from Now TV to sort this all out for me!



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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Help from NowTV staff - non payment for October?



Welcome to the forum. I'm not staff, just so you know, but if a payment can't be taken NOW TV do let you keep watching for a few days whilst they try and take payment again. So if you're still watching now it sounds like the payment was successful and you are up to date. 


Check your My Account > Payments page which should tell you if payment was made


and your My Account> My Passes that your pass is still showing active.


However to to be sure I'd recommend talking to live chat. You can send get to live chat from the Contact Us page

(expand the Anything Else section)


If it doesn't seem to work for you try a different browser and/or device (eg try on tablet/mobile instead of PC or vice versa)

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